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Mysery is the river of the world

and everybody rows.

this is a true story.
9 November 1986
I'm in a constant state of rediscovery and self-invention. I am always losing who I am and finding it again, sometimes in strange places.

I can dig just about anyone, as long as you're relatively laid back and have no interest in discussing politics or the debate over capital spending.

I keep my mind open and my judgments to myself. I live in a glass house, so I wont be throwing any stones.

I live my life in the small picture. The big one is just too hard to figure out.

I've been followed by a face marked with pain.
It came close once and he just learned my name.
Every day he grows taller, he looks down at my heart,
and through my throat, he could reach in and pull me apart.
love. life. music. art.